Can you really push your Google rankings with fake twitter accounts?

Under the title “make people find you“ in my primer on how to become a top web hosting company, I discussed how important it is to do search engine optimization (SEO). In general there is a distinction between on-page and off-page SEO. The first one is more about content and design of the page itself. The second is about how much influence your site has or how this influence is perceived by others. With online communities like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram especially, the social part of this “external view“ becomes more and more important for search engine rankings. So for having a relatively new hosting company which wants to become one of the top web hosting companies in Switzerland it, must be key to engage in such online communities.

Buying fake twitter accounts

But what can we do if we simply cannot reach enough users to follow us? There is one very simple option. We buy them. There are many online sites that offer 1000 fake twitter followers for as low as USD 10. And it’s very easy. Just buy them and in the next 1 – 2 days you have all of them following you. But if it is so easy and it brings additional social signals , why don’t more people buy fake twitter accounts?

What’s negative about buying followers

Looking at the followers, they have several things in common. First, they follow more people than they have followers on their own. This seems logical when we think about that those accounts for several paying clients. Second, they have 2 – 3 posts which were made all on the same date, generally the date when the account was created. Third, the comments are quite illogical and mostly generated by a tweet generator. Like this one of Chris who wants who will ”read the cupcake bitt o his husband“. Not to mention the sometimes really ridicules Twitter names.

fake twitter account example

And last, fake twitter accounts will never give you the real feeling of a social community. Because they can by definition not share your tweets.

What are the alternatives?

It certainly must be a goal to generate real followers and avoid fake Twitter accounts. I saw several strategies where I think they will work quite well. For example, one of my friends raffled some cinema tickets all new followers. The positive side effect is that the users will re-post the tweets as many times as they can so that other people also get the chance to win something.

Performing the self-test

For my small hosting business I will definitely do a free VPS promotion. This is so that people who follow my twitter account will get a free VPS for some time. In addition, I will buy 1000 followers and track the changes within Google search listings. I do not assume that it will have a large affect as mentioned on other SEO sites. So I will keep you posted on the results